Configuration- Care Control Biometric


Configuration options for Care Control Biometric


Currently, there are a couple system settings that can be set within Care Control Windows that will effect how Care Control Biometrics will work. These can be found in the windows settings ->


Reading Messages Before Signing in


Reading Messages Before Signing out



TurningĀ Biometrics On/Off


In the settings, you can set the type of login staff are required to use. Within that dropdown you can choose biometrics.


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Stop staff signing out if assigned tasks are still incomplete


This setting will deny staff from signing out if they still have pending tasks on their assigned tasklist. If a staff member does attempt to log out with pending tasks the following error message will display:


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Allow Login after X failed attempts without Biometrics


This setting will allow users to log in with just their PIN after they fail to match their fingerprint the amount of times you set.


The intention of this is to still allow users to sign in even if they cannot match their fingerprint, so that the system still records some form of signing in. However, if they do sign in without biometrics, it will be shown on the biometrics login report as a speical kind of login which admins can monitor forĀ malicious intent, or identify users who prehaps need their fingerprints reset as their stored prints are not a of ample quality and a match is difficult to make.


If this is set to 0 it will not allow the user to bypass the biometrics and will require them to always authenticate with their fingerprint to log in/out.