Getting Started- CC Biometrics

Getting Started

About Care Control Biometrics and how to get started


Please note that Care Control Biometric is a paid extra which offers fingerprint scanning integration for staff within Care Control. If you are interested in Biometrics please call 01822 738100.


Required For Setup


  • Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Supported USB Fingerprint Scanner (We recommend the SecuGen Hamster series)

1. Download & Installation 


1.1 Visit our Download Page and download Care Control Biometric



1.2 Open up the installer you just downloaded (CareControlBiometric.exe)

From here you can choose if you want to include a start menu shortcut which will place an icon for Care Control Biometric (Recommended) and then press Next



1.3 From here you can choose where you would like to install Care Control Biometric. We advise you keep this to the default shown below.

Press Install



1.4 Care Control Biometric will then install, and once installed correctly the following message will display.

The Care Control Biometric software should now be available on your desktop and its installed directory.



2. Basic Setup


2.1 If you have not done so already, please insert your USB fingerprint scanner into the computer.

It should automatically install the required Drivers. If this is not the case please download and install the required drivers from here.

If you require assistance on how to do this, please find a more detailed explanation on question 7 of our FAQ page.



2.2 Upon opening Care Control Biometric you will be greeted with the following screen in which you should input your Site Code and press confirm.



2.3 If your Site Code was correct you should be greeted by the following page.



2.4 Enter your standard Care Control PIN.

If your fingerprint scanner is functioning correctly you will be prompted to place your finger on the scanner.

If the device could not be found please see our scanner troubleshooting guide on our FAQ.

(Please note trying to scan your finger currently will not work as you have not set up the user.)



Great! now you’ve installed Care Control Biometric correctly, you can go ahead and begin to Setup Staff.