Release Notes February 2018

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Care_Control_February_2018__Release_Notes__Copy – Help SiteCare Control February 2018 – Release Notes




This documentation details information for the February 2018 release covering updates to all Care Control Systems.


System Versions Covered

This release covers changes to Care Control Windows, Care Control Mobile and Care Control Pocket.


Overview of Changes

This release if focussed on changes to support a new system being released in a few weeks – CC Biometric.  This system will allow you to use a cost-effective finger print reader for staff to sign in and sign out.


We are also in this release making changes to support the changes we are making to ensure Care Control is fully compliant with GDPR.


Major Changes to be Aware Of


  • Sign In / Sign Out Tidy Up
    The control of how the staff can sign in and sign out has been made consistent throughout the various Apps.  This includes support for Sign In and Sign Out when using CC Windows Admin.


  • Personal Allowance on Pocket
    A new feature can be enabled on CC Pocket that allows users to view and record personal allowance data for service users.  This feature is enabled within CC Windows System Settings.
  • CC Biometric Reports
    Reports are available when you are using CC Biometric.


Minor Fixes


  • Removed ability for staff to opt in or opt out of messages being emailed to personal addresses (GDPR)
  • Family and Friends users now need to have a PIN Number to access the care plans.
  • Responses on Tasks can now be 250 Characters
  • QR Code added to Site Registration


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with showing GP Details on CC Windows Personal Details
  • Fixed the issue when risk assessments are completed on CC Mobile which was not resetting the forced risk assessment flag set within Incidents.
  • Fixed issue when recalculating holiday allowance which was not calculating holiday adjustments correctly.
  • Fixed issue when saving fluid intake offline on CC Pocket.