Release Notes January 2018

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Care_Control_January_2018__Release_Notes – Help SiteCare Control January 2018 – Release Notes




This documentation details information for the December 2017 release covering updates to all Care Control Systems.


System Versions Covered

This release covers changes to Care Control Windows, Care Control Mobile, Care Control Pocket and Care Control E-Mar.


Overview of Changes

This is a significant release with many changes to existing functionality and the introduction of new features.

Care Control Windows will automatically update following the release, however you may need to download new versions of Care Control Mobile and Care Control Pocket.

Major Changes to be Aware Of



  • Pocket for Staff
    A new update allows staff to safely download Pocket on their own devices.  They can then access messages, timesheets and rotas.  It also allows Care Homes and Care Agencies to communicate instantly with staff through notifications.

    You can also control how many devices staff can register through a control panel within Care Control Windows.  If a staff member leaves your organisation access is automatically removed.

  • Treatment Escalation Flag
    A specific flag has been included in the personal details page to specify any treatment escalation for the service user.  This is then displayed clearly on the summary page on CC Windows, CC Mobile and CC Pocket.  It is also included in the Personal Details print out.
  • New Service User Type – Home Care
    This is a new type of service user.  If this is used the system behaves slightly differently when that service user is viewed.  For example, the Previous Address Fields become the Current Address Fields.  These are displayed prominently on the Summary Screen.  We have also included a “Get Directions” button so that the staff member can get routed directions to the service user.  If a service user is specified as Home Care the room fields become reference fields.
  • New ABC Behaviour Monitoring
    A new monitoring type ABC Behaviour Monitoring has been created.  This is accessible on CC Windows, CC Mobile and CC Pocket.  Analysis is available through CC Windows.
  • Care Note Analysis
    Within Care Control Windows there is a new area called Care Note Analysis.  This area allows you to search for any note across service users.  It also provides analysis on the frequency of that note, who recorded it by month and year.
  • Petty Cash Management
    Included within Care Control Windows is the ability to manage Petty Cash.
  • Food, Drink and Nutrition added to CC Mobile
    We have added the Food, Drink and Nutrition page to the Care Plan for CC Mobile.  You can now view and edit these pages on this platform.
  • New Weight Analysis Report
    A new weight analysis report is available through Care Control Windows and on the CC Mobile Handover Screen.
  • Password Control on Document Library
    You can now add a password against a specific document.  When a staff member attempts to view that document a screen will appear asking them to enter a password. 


  • Document Library Viewing Statistics
    Every time a document is viewed we now record usage statistics.   When in Care Control Windows you can now view a document to see who has read the document and also who has not read it.


  • Save and Create Report Packs
    You can now create and save a report pack.  These packs can be used to enable staff to quickly create a report pack for a service user – for example if they are to go to hospital.


  • Care Review Weight Change
    You can now specify if a weight is required for the Care Reviews with a new system setting.  The setting allows you to specify if a current weight can be used when a Care Review is started.  The default is set at 7 days.
  • Care Review Sections
    The Care Review Sections can be edited for each service user if you want to.  There is a new system settings called “Can Care Sections be changed for each resident”.  If this is set to Yes users who complete Care Reviews can add and remove sections for service users.
    CAUTION – Please be aware that enabling this option could result in reduce quality Care Reviews if not carefully controlled.


Bug Fixes

  • A number of bug fixes have been attended to.