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Care Control June 2017
Release Note

Care Control Mobile 4.00+
Care Control Windows 2.94+



Introduction. 3

System Versions Covered. 3

Overview of Changes. 3

Major Changes. 3

Other Changes. 4

Bug Fixes. 5

Detailed Guidance for Major Changes. 6

Administration Dashboard. 6

Administration Integrated Menu. 7

New User Sign In Options. 8

New Look User Home Screen. 9

Support to Record Incidents. 11

Inclusion of Incident Analysis – For Organisation and Care Plans. 12

New Home Status Alert for High Frequency Monitoring. 14

Support for Multi Form Custom Monitoring. 16

Fast Switching between Sites within CC Windows. 23



This documentation details information for the June 2017 release covering updates to Care Control

Mobile and Care Control Windows.

System Versions Covered

This release covers Care Control Windows versions 2.94 and above.  Care Control Mobile 4.00 and

above. The database version following this upgrade is version 1.19. 

Overview of Changes This is predominantly an update to your Care Control Mobile System, although there is a corresponding update to Care Control Windows.

Major Changes

Administration Dashboard

When you sign into the administration area there is a new dashboard containing lots of

information about the care home.

Save as CodeSnipt

New Administration Integrated Menu

The menu system on CC Mobile has been re-written to more closely match the menu used on

Care Control Windows.  The menu now includes a search facility.


New User Sign In Options

You can now configure your Care Control System to use a QR Key Fob for staff to sign in to use

Care Control.

New Look User Home Screen
The home screen has been updated for all users.  It now contains two data panels –  one containing

a calendar, the other containing either the allocation task list for the user (or, if allocations do not

exist the resident task list for the home).

Support to Record Incidents
The ability to record incidents is included within the mobile system.

Inclusion of Incident Analysis – For Organisation and Care Plans
The incident analysis has been added to the administration area and included within the residents

care plans as an additional tab.

New Home Status Alert for High Frequency Monitoring
When a monitoring type is placed on a minimum frequency of checking in hours it is known as a

“High Frequency Alert”.  You can now specify what happens to these alerts if they are raised

multiple times within a 24 hour period.


Support for Multi Form Custom Monitoring

A major development.  You can create your own multi select monitoring types with built in

custom output templates.  The monitoring type can then be assigned to residents. 


Customise your Record Care Plan Information Screen

The record care plan information screen can be customised to your organisations requirements,

including adding any custom monitoring you have created.


Quick Site Change option for CC Windows Users

If you are a Care Control Windows user, you can now switch quickly to different sites within your


Other Changes

Group Care Home Dashboard

If you are part of a group of care home users, you can now access a new group level dashboard

on CC Mobile.  This development is still in beta testing and will be released to all users shortly.


Help and Support Issue Logging

There is a Help Option on screens now.  This help option allows you to navigate to associated

help videos, and also allows you to log a support issue directly through the app.


Care Review – New Sections

Following a review with CHC, we have now [GC1] included two new care review areas: –

Altered States of Consciousness and Behaviour.   The guidance for both of these new areas

has been taken from the CHC Decision Support Tool paperwork.


Personalised Rota View

When staff members “View Your Rota” they will first see a personalised screen of their

individual rota showing when they are working and when they are on leave.  This screen

will also link through to the main consolidated rota for a given date.


Ability to Cover Shifts from the Consolidated Rota

Staff are now able to click on an absence shown on the consolidated rota.  The same logic

that is used on the Windows system is used to verify if the user is able to cover that shift.

  If they are, the cover is updated automatically.


Handover Section for Movements

The Handover has been extended to include a new drop down option to view in one screen

for all residents who are on movement charts and when they were last moved. 

Support for Longer Narratives on Care Review Overview

Support for longer care review overview narratives have been added.  On the summary

screen you can now see an expanded window of the care review overview.  The care

review screens now also support carriage returns and other formatting types.[GC2] 


Bug Fixes

  • If a resident is added without a room number it now will show on mobile system
  • Air Mattress recording could not be completed twice for the same resident
  • Any message box that is shown on the messages screen would cause the screen to freeze.
  • Reinstate staff member now works on CC Windows and has been added to CC Mobile.
  • Screen resolution for Care Control Windows has been changed to support smaller screen sizes.
  • A number of other bug fixes have been attended to.


Detailed Guidance for Major Changes


Please find below a more detailed review of the major changes in this release: –


Administration Dashboard

System: CC Mobile

There is a new administration dashboard screen on the CC Mobile System.  To access it you now

need to use a different method: –

  1. From the login screen select the cog to access the new administration login.
  1. To login you need to enter your pin number, you must be an administrator and you must know your system password.  The password by default is [GC3] CareControl unless you have changed it.

  1. The new Administration Dashboard will load. 
  1. All of the panels shown can be touched to load further information.


Administration Integrated Menu

System: CC Mobile

When logged into the administration area you now have a new menu to access different areas.

  1. Once you have logged in to the Administration area, you will notice a menu bar on the left.
  1. When this menu loads you will see options that you can touch.  You will also see a search facility at the top[GC4] .

  1. You can search for a menu area – such as Monitoring. 
  1. When the search results load, you can select them to load a particular screen.



New User Sign In Options

System: CC Mobile

You now have further options with regards how your staff sign in to Care Control.  You can now choose to use a Care Control Key Fob: –



These are QR Key Fobs which you can provide to your staff to access or sign-in to your system.

You will also need a tablet device with a forward facing camera, such as an iPad.

You can configure the system to use these QR Key Fobs in the following ways: –

  1. QR Key Fob required to Sign In and Log In
  2. QR Key Fob just required to Sign In
  3. QR Key Fob or PIN Number is required to Sign In or Log In
  4. QR Key Fob and PIN Number is required to Sign In or Log In

To configure your system to use these new Key Fobs you will need to do the following: –


  1. Once you have logged in to the Administration area, open the side menu.
  1. Touch the Advanced Option -> System Settings -> This Device.

  1. On this screen you can change a number of settings including how users sign in to your system. 
  1. When you have made your changes select Save at the bottom.


Please contact the Care Control office if you would like to order some Care Control Key Fobs.

New Look User Home Screen

System: CC Mobile

When a user accesses Care Control Mobile, they will see an updated user home screen: –



The changes are as follows: –

  • Some of the icons have been updated.
  • There are two panels that show for all users.  One shows the Organisations [GC5] calendar.  The other panel either

shows the users allocated resident tasks, or the tasks associated with the organisation (if allocations are switched off).

  • The icons that access the kitchen management and care managers menus are now located in the staff area: –





Support to Record Incidents

System: CC Mobile

You can now record incidents via the CC Mobile System.  By default, you can access this option via the Record

Care Plan Information Screen: –



Please note: the record incident form scrolls down the page.



Inclusion of Incident Analysis – For Organisation and Care Plans

System: CC Mobile

The analysis of incidents has now been included within the CC Mobile System.  If you are an administrator,

you can analyse incidents for your organisation or you can analyse incidents for a specific resident within

their care plan.


To analyse incidents at an organisational level you do the following: –

  1. Login to the Administration Area.
  1. Select Incident Analysis at the bottom of the screen.

  1. The Incident Analysis for the organisation will show.  Note, it defaults to the current month.  To change this, select Further Options.
  1. You can view incidents either in summary or detailed view.  Touch an incident for more information.



When you view an incident, an incident record will be shown: –



Exclude Option

If you are an administrator, you will see the option to Exclude.  This option allows you to Exclude an incident

from your analysis.  This is useful if your staff have accidentally[GC6]  recorded the incident more than once.


View Log

You will see a View Log option.  This option allows you to view the Post Incident Log in full and add further

comment if required.  If you touch this option, you will see the following screen: –


New Home Status Alert for High Frequency Monitoring

System: CC Mobile

Many of the alerts within Care Control are centred around monitoring.  Monitoring is broadly split

into two categories: –


Low Frequency Monitoring
Monitoring such as Bath or Shower Alerts, Risk Assessments, Care Reviews – areas of monitoring that are on a

minimum reminder frequency of 1 day or more.


High Frequency Monitoring

These are monitoring type reminders that are measured in hours e.g. Fluid Intake, Food Intake, Movement Charts etc.


With the present system of Care Control, the high frequency monitoring alerts can never become a red cross. 

When they are created, they replace any alert that already exists of that type.

In the new version, we have introduced the concept of a threshold.  This threshold indicates when a high

frequency alert will become a red cross.  In addition, on the screens where the alerts are displayed (Home

Status, Staff Tasks etc) these types of alerts have a new icon which identifies how many times that alert

has triggered.

Note, at present this is only represented within Care Control Mobile.


An Example

A resident is placed on a fluid intake monitoring.  The fluid intake is set at a minimum recording level of every

1 hour.  The threshold of changing this alert to a red cross is set at 3 times.  This means that staff members

can miss recording the fluid intake 3 times before the alert is moved to a red cross.


When staff view the homes status initially the alert looks as follows: –


If this alert is not actioned by staff within the 1 hour set as the minimum time, the alert changes to the following: –


The 1 indicates the number of times this alert has been missed.  When it reaches its threshold, the alert will change to a red cross.

Setting the threshold for your high frequency monitoring[GC7]  types


  1. Login to the Administration Area.
  1. Using the menu go to Care Planning -> Monitoring & Alerts -> Monitoring Types

  1. Select the monitoring type you want to alter.  In this example, we select Fluid Intake.
  1. You can now select Modify to set the Threshold.


From this screen, you can set the Red Cross threshold for high frequency monitoring types.


Support for Multi Form Custom Monitoring

System: CC Mobile

You are now able to create your own multi select custom monitoring, similar to Personal Care Monitoring or Activity Monitoring.

Creating a Custom Monitoring Type

You can create a custom monitoring type within the Administration Area.

  1. Login to the Administration Area.
  1. Using the menu go to Care Planning -> Monitoring & Alerts -> Monitoring Types

  1. Select Create New…
  1. You can use a previously created custom monitoring type as a template, otherwise you can select No Template and then touch Continue.



The custom monitoring page is a large form that scrolls down: –



Trying New Monitoring

An important aspect of designing your new monitoring area is trying it before you activate it.  Once you activate your monitoring it cannot be changed.  As long as your monitoring is Saved you can try the monitoring through the Try It button: –



The form is broken into 3 areas: –


Step 1 – Basic Details



Within Basic Details you can define the name of your monitoring.  The name of any monitoring you

use on Care Control must be unique.  You can verify that the name is unique by touching the Check



You can load an icon for your monitoring.  At present this can only be loaded via a Tablet device. 

If you do not load an icon the custom monitoring icon will be used instead.

You have the option to add a description.  The description is optional and is used to instruct staff

as to the purpose of the monitoring.  The description can either be displayed in the top right hand

corner of the monitoring form or as a message box.  If you enter no text, no description will be



Step 2 – Multi Select Form – Options

At present, it is only possible to create a multi-select custom monitoring area, however support

for single form monitoring will be added in the future.


The options covered in this area are as follows: –



You can choose to include the ability for staff to change the date and time of the monitoring.  If this option is omitted,

then the current date and time will be used when monitoring is recorded.


You can display a button to link any new monitoring to the Care Review.


You can add support on your monitoring for up to three pictures.


You can force staff to use QR Codes to record the monitoring.


Comment Type

The key area to creating your own custom monitoring is the output comment that is created.  This comment will be added to the resident’s care plan and will be visible within the Handover Notes.

You have the following options with regards the comment type: –

  • None
    The users cannot create any comment.  A simple entry will be recorded in the residents care plan when the monitoring has been completed.
  • Allow Free Text Entry
    This provides a large box for staff to enter a general note narrative.
  • Simple List
    If you choose this option you will be prompted to choose a list for comments to display.  You can either select a comment list that already exists or create a new list.  This can be amended at any time in the future.
  • Comment Builder
    This is the most extensive type of comment, and allows you to create a comment construction similar to the personal care monitoring.


Comment Builder

The comment builder allows you to place a Build button next to your free text entry.  When the user selects Build, a series of comments will be shown which they can select from. The output can then be used to build a comment, such as used within the Personal Care monitoring.



The comment builder supports up to 4 comment lists that can be used to help staff construct their comment.

Each list has a space to indicate a prompt that will be shown to the staff.


We strongly recommend that you constantly save and try your monitoring to ensure that the comment builder is

working as you expect with the correct lists shown.


Comment Response

The comment builder is used to construct a formatted response.  The response can contain entries from the

comments selected and can also contain conditional control based on certain comments received.


The templated note response field is where you construct your comment response.



You can just type directly into this field, however we advise that you use the Build Template option to

construct your response using placeholders for output from the comment builder lists.


Template Builder



The template builder provides you with the ability to create a formatted template using placeholders.

Some of these placeholders relate to service users or to the current staff member.


There are two special types of placeholders which relate specifically to the comment builder functionality: –



The list option provides you with the ability to include the output from one of your comment lists into the comment response.  The screen looks as follows: –



Simply select the list output you want to include and a placeholder will be created within your comment template.


IF allows you to conditionally include comments based on the output from a specific list.  For example, if your

“select list 1” is to provide a list of whether the resident accepted or declined assistance, you could specify

that a narrative text block is added based on the choice made by the staff member.


When you select IF you will see a screen such as below: –




Real example

The below is an example templated text that uses all of the above features: –

{IF List1="Assistance accepted" THEN "[SFull Name] assisted [First Name] in the following transfer:

  {List4}.  The following staff members assisted with the transfer:  {List2}.  The equipment used was

as follows: – {List3}. [First Name] accepted assistance with this transfer. "}
{IF List1="Assistance refused" THEN "[SFull Name] attempted to assist [First Name] in the transfer:

{List4}, using equipment: {List3}. However, assistance was refused. "}

In this example, we have two IF sections.  They are defined based on the output of List1.  Within the

body of each section you can see we have used placeholders to include the Resident names[GC8] ,

staff name and output from the various lists that have been defined.

This example is for a Resident Transfer monitoring – to allow staff to record monitoring for residents

who need to use transfer equipment such as hoists.


Constructing your custom monitoring will take time.  If you need assistance please contact the Care Control

support team.


Step 3 – Default Frequency

The final area of the custom monitoring is setting the default frequency.  These are the values used

when a resident is first placed on monitoring.


Fast Switching between Sites within CC Windows

System: CC Windows


Care Control Windows no longer supports the Business Code as a means of logging into the system. 

You must now use a site code.  However, you can switch between sites within your organisation by

using a new feature available under the Administration area.


If you click Advanced Stuff you will see a new option, Access Other Sites: –



When you click this option, you will need to enter your Business Code: –



If you are using a secure computer you can check a box to remember this code so you

will not need to enter it again.  



Once you have entered your business code you will see a list of sites you can switch to: –


Simply select the site you would like to view and select Load Site.


 [GC2]What does this mean?

 [GC3]The password by default is CareControl

 [GC4]At the top



 [GC7]High Frequency Monitoring types

 [GC8]Resident name