Release Notes June 2018

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Care Control June 2018

Release Note

Care Control Mobile 4.20+ 



This documentation details information for the June 2018 release covering updates to Care Control



System Versions Covered

This release covers changes to Care Control Mobile.


Overview of Changes

This is an interim release which is connected to a larger release of the Care Control System

scheduled for the end of June.


Major Changes to be Aware Of

Care Service Groups These replace Business Centres. These new groups allow you to split

your home up into units. Each tabletdevice can now be locked to a CSG. A staff member can

be in multiple CSG groups. Once assigned a CSG that staff member willonly see service

users associated with that CSG.


  • Handover Search

New search facility in the handover screen.


  • Food Intake

Food Intake has been updated so that it is quicker to record food entries.


  • Menu Choice Updated

The menu choice screen has been updated so that it is quicker to record menu choices.


  • GDPR Statement

We have added a confidentiality statement that is customisable per site and will display every

time a user logs in.


  • Minor Fixes

Some minor amendments to the system


  • Bug Fixes

A number of issues addressed through this update.  



Care Service Groups

Care Service Groups allow you to break a care home up into a sub units. They are to replace

Business Centres.


At present you can only change a Care Service Group through the Administration Menu of Care

Control Mobile.


Setting Up a CSG


Step 1 – Access the Admin Area 



Enter your pin number and system password



Step 2 – Go to Service Users 



 Create New CSG  


Touch Create New… 



Complete the form and select Save Changes. 


Assign Staff or Service Users

Touch a CSG in the list you want to change: –  



The edit screen will show: – 



From this screen you can select Change against either Assigned Clients or Assigned Staff

to allocate service users or staff: –  




Add the staff you want access to that CSG.

Remember, a service user can only be a assigned to one CSG.  A member of staff can

be assigned to multiple CSG’s.


Locking a Device to a CSG

You may want to lock a device to a specific CSG.


Step 1 – Access the Admin Area

Enter your pin number and password



Step 2 – Go to Device Settings





Step 3 – Lock the Tablet to a CSG


From the Device Settings Screens you can lock the tablet to a specific CSG: –



Select the CSG you want to assign to this device and select Save.



If the staff member is assigned more than one CSG they will see the CSG Group Icon.  If they

touch this icon they can switch CSG Groups.


Once inside a CSG you will only see service users for that CSG.


Handover Search

We have updated the Handover so that it now includes a search facility: –





Food Intake Screen

The Food Intake Screen has been updated to make it quicker to record food intake information.


The screen now displays all service users being monitoring for food intake: –



Select a Service User and then select Add Record: –



Type your information in for the meal type and meal description.  Select the meal result.



Select Update.


Instead of closing the screen, simply change the Service User name to apply the same meal

type and description, but you can change the meal result: –



Select Update again and so on.


Menu Choice Screen

The new menu choice screen allows you to multi-select service users: –



You can then select a Meal for all of the ones you have selected: –



GDPR Confidentiality Statement

On the standard login screen we now have a confidentiality statement.  This statement can

be altered or removedif you want it to.  At present you must speak with Care Control to

alter to remove this statement.