Using CC Biometric

Using The System

How staff use the system

Please note that in order to use the system, you first need to ensure that you have setup staff.


1. Firstly, the staff member will be required to enter their normal PIN they use to access Care Control.



2. The system will then prompt the user to scan their finger.

Based on your Configuration this will either be infinite attempts or a set amount of attempts.

If set, after the user fails to authenticate their fingerprint after the set amount of attempts, the system will bypass the biometric scanning allowing the user to login automatically.

However, this will mark the login instance for further investigation as to why biometrics was not used. See the Configuration page for more information on how this works.


IMG asking for print to be put on

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3. Upon successfully scanning their fingerprint, staff will then be asked to deal with things such as unread messages or a forced change of PIN if required before sign in/out is completed.

They will then be welcomed with a message telling them that their log in/out was successful.


IMG thanking user for signing in

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After a few seconds the system will subsequently reset back to the PIN screen and be ready for the next user. It really is that simple!